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 Rae's Characters (:

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Rae's Characters (: Empty
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- Roleplays -

~Freedom is at arm's reach~

Alecai's Reform School for the Crooked

~Vampire, Witches and Werewoves Roleplay~


- Characters -

:~Mandie Lillia Anderson~:

Rae's Characters (: Tumblr_lng6ckKGcq1qlihzno1_500

Mandie is the sweet, shy one. She's the one with the broken heart. When she was just 15, both of her parents died in a car crash. And she fell into depression. The only thing that cheered her up was her boyfriend, who then went on to cheat on her. She has low self-esteem because of that. Though, Mandie is a very happy person, who would be friendly to anyone, even if they're rude to her. She is not very girly, or giggly though. She's just a happy person. Just, don't ask about her parents.

.:.Max Dillian Anderson.:.

Rae's Characters (: Tumblr_lh6wptz8bt1qdvmyh

Max is the good guy. He's the one who is nice when he can be, and mean if he has to be. He cares about people, and he cares the most for his sister, Mandie. When their parents died, he was her shoulder to cry on. When his best friend broke her heart, he was right there to go and teach him a lesson. She's always by his side, and sometimes he doesn't like that. But, he gets along with it. Max cares deeply for his friends, and he never takes anyone for granite. He doesn't prejudge people, and if he doesn't like you, he'll tell you straight up. He won't waste his time with you, so don't worry.

:~Rosalina Diana Roman~:

Rae's Characters (: Tumblr_lpgs5y6iZ51qlhh9m

Rosalina is the girly girl gone bad. She's a fighter, and a lover at the same time. She knows how to use her hands (and not in a dirty way). She will throw punches, if needed, and if you're a guy, she won't hesitate to kick you where it matters. Even though she comes off tough, and boyish, all she really wants is someone to love her. She has never had a boyfriend, and she watched as all of her friends went out on dates, and had their first kisses, while she was stuck with her friends. Maybe if she found a boyfriend, her personality would change, and she would become nicer. I don't know... Just an idea.

.:.Kaleb Garret Sangria.:.

Rae's Characters (: Hi11

Crazy, pervy, flirty, sarcastic, and much more. These are just a few words to describe how Garret is. Since he never really had a good fatherly figure in his life, he never knew how to act around girls. He just learned from his friends. Which led him to act like the perv he is today. If he sees a hot girl, he will bug her until she slaps him. He's not too rude, if he knows the girl. But if she's a stranger to him, he'll act different. Anyways, he's a pervert. A player. And he's smooth. He may seem nice, but that's just to make you fall for his tricks. He's never cheated on a girl though. So, that's kind of good... (He only acts differently in the 'Freedom is at Arm's Reach' RP. He does that because he was pushed around in jail, and he decided that he didn't want to act like his friends anymore, since his one friend was the one that landed him in jail in the first place.)

:~Nicki Summer Taylor~:

Rae's Characters (: Tumblr_lpznpgXed41qmpp8k

Nicki is a serious party girl. She drinks. She flirts. She sleeps around. She'll pretty much do anything you ask her. And by anything, I mean anything. She's been classified as the school ****, by everyone, her friends, her enemies, and even the people that don't know her. She's the life of the party, and being the life of the party is just what she needs. If she's not in the spotlight, she'll figure out a way to get back into it. Even if it means doing something that will get her in major trouble with her parents. She never listens to them anyways...

.:.Nathan (Nate) Williams .:.

Rae's Characters (: Hi12

Nate is the one to always get pushed around by the bullies. He wasn't a nerd, but he was very smart. He wasn't weak, or horrible in PE, but he never got into any sports. He was in love with a very pretty girl, but everyone still called him gay. He didn't wear anything feminine, or talk any differently than any of the guys, but he still got called gay boy. He just ignored it though, and stayed positive. That was his motto, stay positive. He's always smiling, and always happy, no matter how horrible the situation is. The glass is half-full to him, not half-empty. No matter how horrible his situation is, he still finds something good about it. He's just a naturally happy person.

:~Juliette Josephine Malloy~:

Rae's Characters (: __

Juliette is

.:.Jack Hendrick.:.

Rae's Characters (: 100592120811c0957f_thumb

Jack... He's not hard to explain actually. He's just your basic jerk. He'll only talk to you, if he thinks you have money like he does. He'll shun the un-normal people (emo, nerds, douche bags, ect.), and only hang out with the preppy, or popular people. He's all about image. But the sad thing is that he didn't want to be like that. He was just raised like that. His parents didn't want him bringing around strange friends, in fear that he would begin to act like them. And that would ruin their 'perfect family' image that they seemed to gain around town. With the fact that his dad's a doctor, his mom's the owner of a cupcake store, and they live in a nice mansion, they expected other people to just assume that they were a perfect family. So that's just what they made.
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Rae's Characters (:
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